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Your website can be a Revenue Generating Machine!

There are many internet online companies that can be added to your existing website that pay you to feature them on your page. The good news is that they are easy to add and cost you nothing (other than paying your web designer to add it to your pages).  So, why not add some of these cash-generating tools to your website?

Here are three of them:

Google Ad-sense:  I enjoy receiving a check from Google!  Google Ad-sense places relevant ads on your website and pays you a portion of the revenue Google generates each time someone clicks on the ads displayed on your website. Some advertisers generate thousands of dollars just from having a website and letting Google place ads on them.

Amazon, Best Buy, CompUSA ads, etc.:  You can display ads from just about any major company and generate extra revenue when someone clicks on the ads and makes a purchase.  Companies like Intuit, HP, and Apple participate in Affiliate Marketing in order to get more traffic and sales to their website.  It’s easy to add major advertiser’s ads to your website and earn extra revenue when someone clicks on the ad and makes a purchase.

Marketing Professional Reports and White papers:  You can generate extra revenue by letting companies give away technical paper, e-books and magazines.  These advertisers use these giveaways to capture leads and market their products.  They pay you per qualified lead that signs up on your website for their offer.


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