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How to do SEO for your recruitment agency Volcanic Volcanic.
Benefits of Volcanic websites for SEO to your recruitment agency. One of the things that's' great about the Volcanic platform is the in-built SEO mechanisms at your disposal, especially when it comes to the positioning and placement of your target keywords. For instance, H1 tags. This a single headline is crucial for a web page; we automatically generate this field for you. By contrast, you have the option to add H2 subheadings and place target keyword copy there as well to frame your content. Furthermore, your Volcanic website will have hosts of images and designs that Google's' algorithm is dying to catch. With each image on your Volcanic website, you can place a unique but relevant alt tag that tells Google what the image is about and by extension improves the searchability of the web page it's' located on. Lastly but not least, we've' developed functionality strictly for recruiters that delivers SEO benefits in terms of the URL structure. Be sure to get in touch see how our SEO structure can benefit your recruitment website.
What is SEO? Basics of Search Engine Optimization.
We'll' use Google as an example because it powers the most searches in the world. How does Google work? When you enter a search term, Google's' algorithm determines which of the countless websites out there will be most relevant to you. It then lists the relevant sites taking into consideration their relevance and popularity among other ranking factors and shows them to you on what the industry calls a search engine results page. Google is constantly searching the web looking for new or updated pages, simulating the bheavior os users. It uses programs known as web crawlers, which follow links across the internet, a process also known as crawling, and report what they find to Google's' servers. Thats why its fundamental to make sure that your pages are accessible to be crawled and your site architecture should facilitate navigation across all site pages, by the effective usage of internal linking. Technical SEO is the aspect of SEO that will help to effectively configure your site to optimize its crawlability.
9 Quick Tips for Improving Your YouTube SEO Strategy.
Optimize this video landing page with a keyword strategy and video transcripts. After promotion and traffic have waned, place your video on YouTube. Optimize your YouTube video page using keyword variances and adding captions. This article was originally published March 7, 2016, by Emily Griffin and has since been updated. Create Accessible Canva Video to Boost SEO Content Engagement. by Jaclyn Leduc in Video SEO. Every content creator looks for ways to make their content easier to find and more engaging. Thats where creating Canva video comes in handy. Online video content can boost SEO and engagement for blogs and web pages. Below, well show you how. Updated January 15, 2021. Quick Guide: How to Boost Video SEO. by Jaclyn Leduc in Video SEO. People want video content thats unique and engaging yet easy to find amidst a sea of seemingly infinite content. The good news is, it is possible to improve your video contents searchability by implementing elements that boost video search engine optimization video.
How to Create an Effective SEO Strategy In 2021.
In other words: an SEO strategy is the process that you follow when you want to get more organic traffic. With that, here are the steps to create an SEO strategy in 2021.: Step 1: Create a List of Keywords. Step 2: Analyze Googles First Page. Step 3: Create Something Different or Better. Step 4: Add a Hook. Step 5: Optimize For On-Page SEO. Step 6: Optimize For Search Intent. Step 7: Make Your Content Look Awesome. Step 8: Build Links to Your Page. Step 9: Improve and Update Your Content. Step 1: Create a List of Keywords. Everything in search engine optimization revolves around keywords. Which is why keyword research is usually the first step of any legit SEO strategy. You can easily find keywords that your target customer searches for using Google Suggest.
7 Simple Steps for a Solid SEO Strategy.
Pretty exciting, right? Then your boss tells you youre responsible for search engine optimization SEO, too. Suddenly, the project doesnt seem quite so exciting anymore. Youre not a SEO guru. You dont have years of experience with SEO. The panic sets in. Believe it or not, whether youre taking over, improving, or just starting your SEO strategy, the basics of SEO arent that hard. In fact, theyre mostly just common sense. Im not trying to take anything away from the rock stars who have made a career around SEO expertise. We need those folks. Their expertise is incredibly valuable because there is a lot of science to SEO, and it is constantly changing as search engines like Google continue to update their algorithms. What Im saying is that you dont have to have a masters degree in SEO to ensure your website is well positioned for organic search engine traffic. Check out these seven simple ways to build a strong SEO strategy.: Know Your Keywords. First things first. You cant do much without knowing what keywords your target market is using to find solutions to their problems that your company solves.
Ecommerce SEO: How Online Stores Can Drive Organic Traffic.
Thats what youre about to learn how to get. Grab a coffee, lock the door and settle in its time to learn ecommerce SEO. Key Tactics to Include in Your Ecommerce SEO Strategy. Since this is a 9000-word, beast, youll probably want to take it one section at a time. To help you navigate, here are the topics well be covering. The best ecommerce SEO strategy includes.: Keyword research to find the types of keywords customers are searching. Site architecture based on your keyword research. On-Page SEO through strategic keyword optimization in meta tags and content. Technical SEO to help ensure search engines can crawl your site efficiently. Local SEO to help drive local organic traffic if you have a brick and mortar. Content marketing to drive additional organic visitors. Link Building to help improve the authority of your website. Measuring SEO Success with tools like Google Analytics and Ahrefs. Lets get started! What is SEO and Why Should You Care? Search Engine Optimization SEO is the scientific art of optimizing your website around specific keywords in order to rank higher in search results, such as Google.
50 Ways to Get Sales With Dropshipping SEO Optimization Tips and Tricks for Ecommerce.
Is the quality of the content they create better? Learn what theyre doing and do a better job than them. Plug In SEO is an SEO optimization tool that helps you better optimize your online store. Youll be able to check your image ALT tags, quickly assess what SEO problems your store has, monitor speed, and more. They also have a premium version which allows you to edit titles and descriptions and more. With over 1000 5 star reviews and 86000, store owners using this tool, this product is a clear winner for your SEO needs. SEMrush allows you to analyze a large scope of pre-click data for your PPC campaigns: find keywords to target, see examples of search and display ads used by your competitors, and analyze the most popular shopping ads in your niche. Keyword Planner is Googles popular keyword tool. When browsing keywords, youll be shown other relevant keywords you could rank for. Youll see how competitive the keywords are and what the search volume for those keywords is.
A Comprehensive Guide to Writing an SEO-friendly Product Description Unamo Blog.
can harm your brand rather than do any good. An SEO friendly product description describes the core features and benefits along with the practical use of a product or service. Because the search engines are now focused on providing value rather than the ranking the keywords stuffed together on product pages alone. Take the example in this image about sharing valuable information rather than becoming promotional. Image Source 6. Write unique and distinct copy The uniqueness of a product page is a core element in SEO. A few years ago, most of the marketers used to copy product descriptions of a competitor and make necessary changes to make it look unique.
A Step-By-Step Shopify SEO Guide For Real People.
Search Engine Optimization SEO allows you to place your website in front of your target market without paying a single dime. Its magic, really. By incorporating an actual SEO strategy into your overall content marketing plan, you will be able to climb the search engine rankings within a matter of months. In this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to.
Blog SEO: How to Search Engine Optimize Your Blog Content. Logo Full Color.
The second is a result of the query" noindex nofollow, and pulls in the first instance of these specific keywords coming up in the body of the blog post.: While there's' not much you can do to influence what text gets pulled in, you should continue to optimize this metadata, as well as your post, so search engines display the best content from the article. By creating reader-friendly content with natural keyword inclusion, you'll' make it easier for Google to prove your post's' relevancy in SERPs for you. Optimize your images with image alt text. Blog posts shouldn't' only contain text they should also include images that help explain and support your content. However, search engines don't' simply look for images. Rather, they look for images with image alt text. Meaning, to ensure your images benefit your blog's' SEO, you'll' need to ensure you include image alt text. You may be wondering why this is. Since search engines can't' see" images the same way humans can, an image's' alt text tells the search engine what an image is about. This ultimately helps those images rank in the search engine's' images results page.
Facebook Page SEO Optimization for Marketers: 10 Must-Know Tips Socialbakers.
Read on to discover 10 powerful tips that will allow you to successfully improve your Facebook Page SEO optimization.: Nomen Est Omen. Your name says it all. Thats why you need to be extremely careful and picky when it comes to choosing the name of your Facebook Page. Remember that once you pick it, theres no way back. Youll be stuck with it for all eternity. One of the basic SEO rules says that you should use keywords throughout your content, and this means that they should be featured in your Page name too.

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